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From the first moment of each lesson to the last, feel your body gain in strength, flexibility, and resilience.  Feel so well, you are motivated to do more.


Replace movement patterns that harm with those that heal.  An integrated, whole body approach (the opposite of spot treating) for lasting pain relief.


Genuine mind-body exercise.  Experience the deep calm and mental focus that results from workouts challenging body and brain in equal measure.  


Experience the most effective Pilates equipment on the market; make swift gains in strength. If you suffer from pain, private sessions are your most direct path to pain relief and prevention of future injury. Schedule when convenient for you.


Limited to 4 students. Sessions are a mix of flexibility, mobility, and strengthening. Small class guarantees highest level of personalised attention within a group setting. Mats provided. To schedule, please call the studio on 07434678100.

Authentic, Classical Pilates Tunbridge Wells
From New York to Rome to Tunbridge Wells
Authentic Classical Pilates
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Highest quality Pilates equipment on the market
How long is a Pilates session?2017-09-20T19:51:50+00:00

Approximately 55 minutes.  To get the most out of your workout, please arrive on time.

What can I expect in my first session?2017-06-15T13:26:23+00:00

You will likely begin on the Mat, transitioning to the Reformer, High Chair, and/or Ladder Barrel.  In the first lessons you will learn the foundational movement patterns, the soul of the Pilates Method.  Right from the first lesson, most new clients report a feeling of wellbeing. 

I am not flexible. Can I do Pilates?2017-06-15T13:26:23+00:00

Yes.  Pilates is about function, not performance.  Building balanced bodies with muscles in a healthy length/tension relationship is the focus.  You will not be asked to touch your toes!

I like a challenge. Will Pilates be a good workout?2017-06-15T13:26:23+00:00

Yes.  Through Pilates a person understands the limitless potential of the human body.  The array of challenges is stunning:  stability, velocity, load, base of support, range of motionindividually or in combination!  As your strength develops, the challenges stay at least one step ahead of you. 

Why do you highlight your Gratz™ equipment?2017-06-15T13:26:23+00:00

Gratz delivers results.  It is safe, respects the natural lines of the body, and provides a range of challenges.  Gratz most closely resembles the dimensions, resistance, and feel of Joseph Pilates’ original apparatus. 

What will private lessons do for me?2017-06-15T14:03:02+00:00

Private sessions are an investment in health and wellbeing that will spread to all aspects of your life. With regular practice, you will truly transform your life. Accessing the body’s deepest muscles, eliminating the causes of pain and dysfunction, and addressing deficits is most effectively achieved by working one-to-one, under the eye of a trained instructor. Come try it for yourself – feel the joy of a strong, vigorous body!   

Pilates equipment

All bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance through the online scheduler.  For a same-day booking, please call the studio.  New World Pilates Tunbridge Wells adheres to a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Cancellations within this 24-hour period will be charged the full price of the session.